Lifetime Lamp

The creation of Lifetime Lamp is aimed at reflecting time in an object. It was produced by craftsmen in Spain and Italy using three main materials: porcelain, stone and wood. The lampshade can remind a sunset, it’s smooth and seems to be floating over the surface to reinforce the sense of liveliness. The lamp creates a vivid and relaxing atmosphere and can fit any space, outdoors or indoors, at home, at a garden, at the office or at any public space.

BQ Aquaris X5

The Aquaris X5 is bursting with details and features that meet both the aesthetic and functional demands. Take the curved laterals, for example, which enhance the ergonomics of the device, as well as emphasizing the sheen of the metal. Or the aluminium frame which, in addition to forming part of the antenna, also provides a subtle elegant finish. More

BQ Zowi

This friendly robot has one purpose: to teach kids that technology can be transparent, proximate and fun. In addition to being a toy, it is also an educational ecosystem with an extensive pedagogical pathway. More

Meme Lamps

Meme Lamps: a series of lighting accessories full of great personality. They are Inspired in cookie cutters and their design is simple and original. Their vivid colors, combined with the ability to generate shadows, can make spaces very lively.
Shapes of Meme Lamps are easy to recognize and remember. Wherever they are, the light interact with objects and surfaces and can bring a creative, unique and very special lighting solution.

BQ Halu Lamp

Halu is a smart lamp with purified minimal design and wide functionality. It’s touch-sensitive surface provides intuitive light control. The disc-shaped optical diffuser held by the aluminum knob is gravity-assisted and stays steady on any surface. And thanks to the simple rotating lock system the standard diffuser can be easily replaced with another design to provide different light distribution and style.

BQ Hephestos 2

The 3D printer that can be assembled in less than an hour. More

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